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Local Gainesville Junk Removal

We value the importance and meaning of being a local business and being a part of the local community.

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We do everything we can from a environmental stance combined with a business perspective to reduce the amount of waste entering the landfill. Donating unwanted items reduces expenses by avoiding dump fee's and reduces excess fuel consumption. We do everything we can to make sure unwanted junk gets a second chance. The main facility we use is Goodwill located on 34th street but we are always willing to drop your unwanted items off at a place of your choosing.

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Support the Local Economy

We understand the value of the local economy. We hire local and operate within the local economy ensuring money circulates in the local area. Hiring us excludes money going to outside monopolies or other franchises or conglomerates.

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Many items that are no longer wanted or useful to our clients can be recycled. Cardboard, broken appliances, broken or cracked outdoor items and decorative materials, plant and outdoor vegetation, as well as heavily worn furniture items can be recycled by us reducing planned obsolescence and a wasteful, one-time use, throwaway economy.

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Benefits of Hiring a Local Company

We understand that many of our clients are aiming to reduce costs associated with Junk Removal and may seek the services of a "free donation service" but have been left high and dry when they needed something completed in a timely manner. The advantageous differences in paying for our service and the "free" services offered are vast with too many benefits to list. Importantly, we will not be giving you a 4-hour window for something you scheduled only to not show up and leave you in suspense. Respecting your needs and your time come with our service. Alternatively, we will not show up in a brand new $80,000 top of the line truck to pick thru your unwanted items and leave you stuck with items we can't sell for a profit. We will remove all the pre-disclosed and negotiated items as long as it is non-hazardous. We are not masquerading as a "non-profit," using top of the line equipment and volunteer labor. We are a business and thus our motive of delivering a needed service at a competitive price is clear.

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